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Why do Banner Pens work? Why choose a banner pen for your next promotion. Read the Top 5 Reasons ...

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View the latest Banner Pen and Flag Pen styles...see both the Genuine and our exclusive A-Grade Licenced clone styles here

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the best "Look at this" promotional pen - ever!

A Little About BANNER PENS


Are you looking for a new attention grabbing promotional product?
Then look no further than the original and genuine Banner Pen. Originally patented over 30 years ago as Flag Pen, these fantastically effective promotion pens are still the best value for your promotional dollar. Sometimes refered to as a scroll pen or brochure pen, banner pen has become the accepted generic term, since they contain a full colour, printed, retractable laminated paper banner which is coiled inside the barrel of the pen. Just pull on the metal tab to reveal a banner containing a host of valueable promotional material.

We sell the original and the best banner pen. We offer you the largest laminated banner - a massive 40 square inches of full colour promotion space - both sides standard. The original banner is almost 500 percent larger than a business card and can be personalised with your tailor made graphic in just a few weeks. With your choice of many different colour combinations including solid, translucent or frosted effects our banner pens are the ultimate promotional pen and compact information delivery system. You get the benefit of over 30 years experience in the layout, manufacture & delivery of banner pens & brochure pens. You get access to staff with the knowledge and experience to assist you in getting the most out of your banner pen design.

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In our experience, Banner Pen pro-actively managed to a tight time frame and delivered products on time.
The team facilitated the end to end process seamlessly, resulting in a positive outcome


David Jones repeatedly choose the Genuine Classic style Flag Pen for specialised in-house training purposes.


The Classic represents quality and ensures reliability whilst effectively communicating valuable information for their training needs.


used by David Jones HERE